Tokenomics of $DONALD

Discover the strategic design behind $DONALD's tokenomics, crafted to foster growth and reward our community. With a thoughtful approach to transaction taxes and distribution, we ensure $DONALD stands out in the memecoin space.

Transaction Taxes (Total: 6/6%):

  • 2% $BABYTRUMP Reflections: Holders receive reflections in $BABYTRUMP tokens, directly rewarding your investment and participation in our ecosystem.

  • 4% Marketing: Dedicated to expanding our reach and strengthening the $DONALD brand worldwide.

  • 2% $BABYELON Reflections: Additionally, holders benefit with reflections in $BABYELON tokens, directly rewarding for $DONALD holding and participation in our ecosystem.

  • 2% Burn: Continually reduces the total supply, increasing scarcity and potential value.

  • 2% Staking: Provides additional rewards for staking your $DONALD tokens, encouraging long-term holding and stability.

Token Distribution:

  • 60% Presale: A significant portion allocated to kickstart our journey, offering early supporters a foundational stake.

  • 30% Liquidity Pool (LP): Ensures robust and reliable market liquidity for $DONALD.

  • 4.8% Centralized Exchanges (CEX): To facilitate access and trading across key platforms.

  • 4% Staking Rewards: A commitment to rewarding our community for their trust and support.

  • 1.2% Launchpad Fee: Essential fees to ensure a smooth launch and operational excellence.

Join us as we chart a course towards redefining success in the memecoin market with $DONALD. Embrace a token designed for endurance, prosperity, and rewarding community involvement.

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