Phase 1: Foundation

Concept Creation: Formulating the innovative idea behind the $DONALD token and NFTs, inspired by the realm of memecoins with strategic growth potential.

Whitepaper Creation: Drafting a comprehensive whitepaper to detail our project's vision, technology, tokenomics, and long-term goals to inform and attract early backers and community members.

Website Creation: Developing a professional, user-friendly website to serve as the central hub for information, updates, and community interaction regarding the $DONALD project.

Contract Audit: Ensuring the security and integrity of our smart contracts through rigorous audits by reputable firms, building trust and credibility within the crypto community. Audited by Coinsult:

Phase 2: Launch

Whitelist offering: Initiating the fair distribution of our exclusive WL spots, providing early supporters with unique opportunities that offer various benefits and future privileges

Whitelist Creation: Compiling a whitelist of early adopters and community members interested in participating in the presale, rewarding their early interest and support with priority access.

🔄 Presale on Pinksale: Conducting our token's presale via Pinksale, offering whitelisted participants the chance to be among the first to invest in $DONALD tokens at an advantageous price:

Phase 3: Expansion

🔄 Huge Marketing Campaign: Launching an extensive marketing campaign across multiple channels to boost awareness, attract new investors, and solidify our brand presence in the crypto market.

  • Launch on PancakeSwap: Making $DONALD tokens available for trading on PancakeSwap, enhancing liquidity and accessibility for a broader audience.

  • Trending on Multiple Popular DEX Aggregators: Achieving trending status on various crypto-related platforms to increase visibility and attract further interest in our project.

  • CMC and CG Listing: Aiming for listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko to provide credibility, transparency, and easy access to project metrics for potential investors.

  • Staking NFT Sale: Offering our community the opportunity to purchase staking NFTs, enabling them to earn rewards and participate more deeply in the ecosystem.

Phase 4: Growth

  • Country-Specific Marketing Campaigns: Tailoring marketing efforts to specific countries to tap into new markets and build a global community of $DONALD supporters.

  • Staking System Release: Launching a comprehensive staking system to allow token holders to stake their $DONALD tokens and NFTs, earning passive income while supporting the project's stability and growth.

  • Applying for CEX Listings: Seeking listings on centralized exchanges to increase the token's accessibility, liquidity, and trading volume, reaching a wider audience of investors.

  • Release Next Phases: Planning and implementing subsequent phases of development, based on community feedback and market trends, to continue evolving and expanding the $DONALD ecosystem.

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